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Printing Press Assessment

PressAssess version 5 has new function, improved capabilities 

and uses a high resolution USB3.0 camera to measure

quantitatively the performance of your printing equipment.

Technology Coaching and partners have developed a procedure to

perform the PressAssess print test. The data measured provides

information about:

Feed to First Colour register variation with skew correction option (New) Colour to Colour register variation for any number of colours including the option of using 2 different templates for measuring 5 or 9 colours per measurement (New) Print to Die Cut register variation (New) Colour variation including substrate Colour to colour register change during start-up (New) Colour change during start-up (New) Ink transfer variation New is that the PressAssess print test can be done only using 2 print plates for any number of print stations or using an individual print plate (up to 9 in one measurement) for the individual print stations.

How to use the program is described in a manual.

The PressAssess software allows analysing and numerical correction for: Register Offset Print stretching  in print direction and cross print direction (New) Skew including feed to first colour (New) The ink film thickness measured can be used for matching colour and or printing accurate colour swatches using the right ink film thickness This information will allow you to centreline your machine in order to produce the first sheet right. A table will provide the correction data that repro house and cutting die maker can use to align their equipment.

A service can be provided to do a full assessment of your

conversion equipment including:

Machine performance: Influence of peripheral equipment on machine performance Influence of the raw material used on machine performance Capabilities of the operators The assessment is based on using a print test form (any number of colours), die cut form and evaluation method for: Total indicated run-out of all main cylinders Print to structure register Colour to colour register variation Colour to colour register change during start-up Bar– code readability (Bar width gain variation) Colour variation Colour change during start-up Number of sheets used after start until colour is stable Die cut length variation Scoring depth variation Screen Roll evaluation Ink Consumption real time Folding variation (FFG) Ink Loss and water addition during colour change Ink system cleanliness Ink stability (viscosity and pH over time) Ink consumption Dryer efficiency Ink drying speed Vibration (Acceleration)

PressAssess download

Download Brochure Download Presentation Contact Technology Coaching if you want more information or a quotation.

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