Dryer Performance Evaluation

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Dryer Performance Evaluation and Profiling

Ink drying and the performance of dryers is measurable!

Technology Coaching developed a measuring procedure with

measuring equipment for Dryer Performance.

The measuring of the dryer performance, on a full tone (multi-colour) area printed will provide information about the impact of the dryer on the dryness of the ink after printing. The dryer performance can be expressed as the ratio between the wet ink film weight (g/m²) applied and the dry ink film weight (g/m²) on the substrate of the printed product. Dryer performance is measured when using the dryer at different power levels and when not using the dryer. This in function of the energy consumed by the dryer at the different power levels. During dryer performance tests not only the  amount of ink applied is recorded. Also the board temperature is monitored.

How will you benefit from a dryer performance test?

Currently drying power is set based on operator experience. The dryer performance test will help you to set the right drying power based on facts and figures. It even can help you and your supplier to design a control system so that you always use the minimum amount of energy still meeting the highest possible productivity. The Dryer Performance Evaluation is the starting point for saving energy and money during production! Although a board temperature feedback loop to control the dryer power supply is the best option one can start immediately with saving energy using the by Technology Coaching manual dryer profiling procedure. In this option we make a dryer power profile and use this to calculate the drying power to be set for the individual dryers.

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