Ink Loss

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Ink loss and residual water during colour change

Ink loss during colour change is something we all think we

understand and know how to measure. But be aware of the

influence of residual water in the metering system and the effect it

has on the ink loss.

If at start 20 kg of ink is used to ink-up a machine and 18 kg is retrieved after 5 minutes circulation with-out printing, we assume that 2 kg ink is lost. But what if there was 2 kg of wash water left in the ink system? The ink in circulation will be reduced with 10% water. Thus the ink returned is only containing 90% of the original ink and the ink loss is in fact not the assumed 2 kg but 3.8 kg. Nearly Double! And what about the effect on reusing the press return!

Click here for the equipment and procedure to determine ink loss

during colour change and residual water in the ink metering


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