Folding & Scoring

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Measuring Folding Torque and Angle when folding a box panel

Choosing the scoring tool to be installed on the corrugator can be

done based on factual data. Avoiding cracking of the liner when

scoring is one part of the equation but as important is the torque

needed for folding the box panel and at which angle the maximum

torque occurs. At the same time a relation is needed with the

actual scored profile in the board.

Technology Coaching has the knowledge and measuring equipment to help you solve this problem.

Folding Torque

The following chart shows 25 curves of folding toque versus folding angle of a box panel (The data is normalized for the width of the panel):

Score profile

The scored profile will be scanned both sides using non contact distance laser scanners. The next image shows a scan of a male/male offset score line on B flute board:


The collected data allows generating a graph showing the relation between maximum folding torque and scoring depth. (Both values are normalised values) Contact Technology Coaching if you want more information or a quotation.

Read more about folding and scoring in the following article:

“How to improve the folding of an RSC”

International Paper Board Industry, January 2012