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DinoLite Microscope

Technology Coaching offers practical microscopes that allow

making pictures of the screen roll surface to check the cells.

There are several options. The following 3 pictures show images of the same surface made with the DinoLite microscope using different magnification.   60x 200x 500x

Software applications for the print microscopes:

IFT Analyzer e-µ-meter TrueDotGain

Dino-Lite Microscope

The Dino-lite USB Microscope is available in several different configuration including measuring software and a high end version with a 1.3 mega pixel chip. There is also one with 500x magnification having the same high resolution chip. Please contact if more information is needed.

The stand as shown top right is also available. This stand can be supplied with an

additional vertical pole which makes it a document scanner that can be used in

combination with IFT Analyzer.

Contact Technology Coaching if you want more information or a quotation.

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