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Products of TC and Partners

Technology Coaching and Partners have developed practical

products that help you improve in your day today business

of producing packaging.

Following products are available: o PressAssess for evaluation of printing equipment o BoxAssess for evaluating Folding, Slotting and Scoring equipment o Colour Quality Assurance and ink Formulation Management o Screen Roll Inspection, IFT Analyzer software o Fast Analogue Data Import in Excel o Digital Sample Marking Pen o Dino-lite Digital USB Microscope o True Dot Gain software o e-µ-meter for measuring dot size and screen count o Measuring equipment/procedure for ink loss and water addition during colour change o Measuring equipment/procedure for Ink Foam o BoardAnalyzer o Board Flatness (Warp) Measuring o Equipment productivity evaluation o Cylinder diameter measuring Please contact us for a price quotation. All software application are ready for Windows Vista Business and Windows 7. Click here for installation instruction
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