Board Flatness

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Board Flatness

The standard warp definition alone is not enough to decide if 

warped corrugated board is flat enough to be converted. The force 

needed to flatten the board is. 

Technology Coaching developed a device that allows easy measuring the load  needed to push down the corner of a corrugated board sheet in order to  determine if this force is low enough so that the used vacuum table for  transporting the board is able to apply the needed force to flatten the board.  The following image shows the device. With the device one can create a table that links the applied vacuum needed on the vacuum table to flatten the board and the measured force on the corners of that same board as shown in the next graph. The advantages of using the Corner Flattening Maximum Weight test: Easy measuring on any sheets size and board grade The measurement is a combination of the board deformation and stiffness A correlation can be made between the available vacuum of the transport system and the maximum corner load that needs to be applied to flatten the board Contact Technology Coaching if you want more information or a quotation.

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