Screen Roll Cleaning

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Screen Roll Cleaning wash procedure

Screen rolls are mostly cleaned when they are too dirty for transfering ink which is too

late! A print job is best started with clean screen rolls.

Technology Coaching has developed a new wash program that can be implemented on

any servo driven flexo printing machine and results in that a print job is started with

clean screen rolls.

The advantage of applying this new screen roll wash procedure:


no colour related downtime


less waste during set-up


less use of chemicals


no more deep cleaning or other time consuming cleaning programs


higher productivity


higher product level and constancy


lower production cost

The implementation program consists of: First meeting: o Explaining the principle of the new wash procedure, what is the difference with all current applied wash procedures and why this wash program really works o Inspection of current screen roll state and configuration. A warn screen roll needs replacing. Not all screen roll configurations are cleanable. An engraving with deep cells will never be cleanable. See the page: Screen Roll Selection o Testing the currently by the customers used screen roll cleaning detergent and inspection of the MSDS sheets Instructing the machine supplier on how to reprogram the machine software to incorporate the new screen roll wash cycle. Technology Coaching is well known by the machine suppliers and will provide them with a software programming instruction Selection of the screen roll cleaning detergent supplier (if needed) Together with the operators implement the screen roll wash procedure in the daily working practices A short period follow-up to monitor if the new screen roll cleaning wash procedure is applied and the impact it has on screen roll Ink Film Thickness constancy Contact Technology Coaching if you want more information or a quotation.

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