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IFT Analyzer

Screen Roll Inspection

Regular checking of the ink film thickness on the surface of your screen roll will help to monitor the cleanliness of the screen roll. This is important for printing a consistent colour over time.

New in IFT Analyser V3:

1. Cell wall thickness  and line count can be measured as an integrated part of the software using the USB Microscope with 800 times magnification 2. The main screen shows the data collected for the selected screen roll in a graph (Ink Film Thickness and Cell Wall Thickness 3. Improved input wizard. Using the scanner allows to load an image in less then 5 seconds 4. A native Dino-Lite camera driver is included which makes it even faster and easier to collect images 5. Storing the screen count of the screen roll in the database 6. The reporting module has extended reporting functions for Roll History (Ink Film Thickness and Cell Wall Thickness), Quality assurance and comparing test runs (E.g. before and after cleaning of the roll). Screen roll Surface images can be part of the report 7. The key nominal screen roll values are shown in the graph and graphs have colour for better visibility 8. Graphs and images can be copied to documents and presentations 9. A complete manual including how to measure screen count and cell wall thickness using the USB Print microscope 800 X is included

IFT Analyser expresses Ink Film Thickness on the screen roll in µm (cm³/m²) and


In addition the special HFT add-on for measuring high film thickness’s of lacquer, coating or glue rolls. This is only possible in combination with the IFT Analyzer V3 software. IFT Analyzer is supplied with a complete equipment case including: 2 microscopes, stand pipette, tips and ink and handy IFT Analyzer Note Pad with pre-printed reference circle

Screen Roll Selection

Go to the the screen roll selection page to learn more about selecting screen rolls and the help Technology Coaching provides

IFT Analyzer

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Dino-Lite Microscope

The stand as shown left is also available. This stand can be supplied with an additional vertical pole which makes the USB Print Microscope a document scanner that can be used in combination with IFT Analyzer. Download Brochure Contact Technology Coaching if you want more information or a quotation.

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