Board Analyzer

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Board Analyzer

The Technology Coaching Board Analyzer software is a unique 

package that allows to easy evaluate key corrugated board 


The Board Analyzer image analysis software in combination with a flat-bed  scanner, scale  and special designed scanner adaptor to scan the edge of the  board allows to measure the following properties of corrugated board:  Board grammage (g/m² Board Thickness Flute count Flute type Take-up factor The following screen shot shows the section for measuring the board grammage. The next screen shot shows the section for determining board thickness, flute count, board grade and take up factor. The advantages of using Board Analyzer: Any size of a board sample can be used for evaluating grammage thus no special circular cutter is needed All measured data is stored organised in one location The evaluation of board thickness, flute count, grade, and take-up factor can be done on the same sample as used for edge crush (ECT) as it is non destructive. This allows a direct correlation between edge crush and e.g. take-up factor Contact Technology Coaching if you want more information or a quotation.

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