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International Paper Board Industry, July 2023

“The Advantages of a drying


International Paper Board Industry, January 2023

“The Digitallab - Tools for


International Paper Board Industry, February 2022 “An alternative for screen roll line count?” International Paper Board Industry, Sept. 2018

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Inline glue & ink consumption measuring! Folding torque & angle measuring for selecting scoring tools! IFT Analyzer V3 available, with native Dino-Lite camera driver!  

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BoxAssess software and NEW GapJig measuring device now available! The web-page includes a folding error calculation tool! PressAssess V5 now available using a high resolution USB 3.0 camera reading up to 9 colours in one measurement. The software includes new evaluation modules. BoardAnalyzer image analysis software for measuring: corrugated board grammage, board thickness, flute count, flute grade and take-up factor using a flat-bed scanner and scale! New services and tools: Plant Dust Map Remote data sensing Screen Roll wash procedure Dryer Performance Evaluation Ink Stability Test Screen Roll cell opening depth ration calculation. Check if your ration: >2.5 Measuring Board Flatness
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