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Latest publications

“The Advantages of

a drying control”

International Paper Board Industry, January 2023

“The Digitallab - Tools for


International Paper Board Industry, February 2022 “An alternative for screen roll line count?” International Paper Board Industry, Sept. 2018 FEFCO standards for Converting, Technical specifications for equipment and processes”

Presented at Fefco Workshop,

Brussels, 7 May 2015

“High Volume Digital Printing on Corrugated Board” Presented at Fefco Summit, London 4-6 June 2014

What is new

Inline glue & ink consumption measuring! Folding torque & angle measuring for selecting scoring tools! IFT Analyzer V3 available, with native Dino-Lite camera driver!  

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PressAssess V5 now available using a high resolution USB 3.0 camera reading up to 9 colours in one measurement. The software includes new evaluation modules. BoardAnalyzer image analysis software for measuring: corrugated board grammage, board thickness, flute count, flute grade and take-up factor using a flat-bed scanner and scale! BoxAssess software and NEW gap jig measuring device now available! The web-page includes a folding error calculation tool! New services and tools: Plant Dust Map Remote data sensing Screen Roll wash procedure Dryer Performance Evaluation Ink Stability Test Screen Roll cell opening depth ration calculation. Check if your ration: >2.5 Measuring Board Flatness
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